Furnace Installation Vancouver

Does your Vancouver home need of a new furnace installation?

1. Nothing is more frustrating than starting on your Vancouver furnace repair job only to find you are missing a few of the devices needed to accomplish the task. The majority of you currently have most of the fundamental devices you will need. Screwdrivers, drills, hammer, etc. We will help you put your list together so that you will have everything you need before you even start the job.

2. You are going to have to understand how your home is constructed and insulated. Are your doors old, young, and your windows? Is there any air penetrating your home through dryer vents, window fans, etc? Do you have a basement or is your house on a concrete slab? You will certainly need to know this in order to install the right devices in your home.

3. Examining the Heating/Cooling system and duct-work. This is the most important step. Why? The response might shock you. It might even shock some A/C Specialists. The devices must be sized right, No exceptions.

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Here is a quick example. If you were to put an over-sized ac unit in your house, the a/c would only run for a few minutes until the thermostat reaches it’s target temperature. The larger A/C saved energy by running a short time, and bringing the temperature down very quickly! What is the problem now? You did cool your house rapidly. What you refrained from doing was to eliminate humidity (water in the air) from your home. The longer an A/C runs, the more water it eliminates of from the air. That additional water in the air is exactly what makes uncomfortable temperatures in your Vancouver home. Cooling down the house very fast will certainly have the opposite impact. The very same concept applies with a heating system. It must be sized appropriately. There are many online heating and cooling calculators available, that are complimentary. Simply search for; “heating & cooling calculator”. Checkout “The Ultimate Furnace Installation Guide”. It is a very good heat/load calculator.

4. Required Ductwork Tools: Keep a running list of materials for your visit to the hardware store. The size of the return may need to be larger. Connecting the old duct-work to the new furnace is a requirement. The Setup instructions from the manufacturer, will detail the sizes for a proper setup.

5. Required Electrical Products: As you evaluate your home (step 3), you have the ability to determine the electrical requirements. New furnace installations require a ground wire. If there is not a ground wire on the old power supply, a new one is required.

6. Gas Line Supplies List: Making the lists before starting the installation will certainly assist in the long run. With all of the needed products on hand, in addition to a strategy, you will not find yourself on the 3rd day of the install, minus 10 degree, and needing to run to 15 various shops.

7. Miscellaneous Products List: An 80% efficient furnace will certainly require various flue pipe materials than a 90% efficient heater.

8. Sourcing Suppliers: Always make certain to ask about the warranty. Remember here that purchasing your own furnace conserves you countless dollars – even if you end up employing a specialist to install it you for you! www.plumbersvancouver.org can recommend quality, high efficient furnaces that fall into your budget.

9. Secure Your Existing Ductwork: Why? There is absolutely nothing more heartbreaking than beginning to remove a heater, just ot have the existing ductwork fall to the ground at your feet.

10. Getting rid of the old equipment. Now that you have actually shut off all power to the heater, and have secured the ductwork, you are ready to start removing the old equipment.

11. Putting everything back together.
– Connecting the Return and Boot to the new furnace
– Attaching Old Plenum (ductwork leaving old furnace) to brand-new furnace. This is called the Change
– Reconnecting the gas line, and screening for leakages
– Running the flue pipes to eliminate the invested fuel gases
– Reconnection of the thermostat and high-voltage power supply
– Reseting furnace. Follow the manufacturers instructions as carefully as possible.


Refer to your furnace manufacturer’s manual. Detailed furnace installation, maintenance and repair instructions are detailed for your convenience.



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